The Loeb Family / by Yvonne Valtierra

In 2013 I lost my job. I was terrified and feeling lost. I had always loved photography and wondered if I could use my photography skills to help my family in our time of crisis. My friend Katie was one of the first people who trusted me enough to let me take her holiday family photos.  This was one of my favorite photos from that first session. 


Since then, they have hired me every year to do their photos. It's been an absolute joy to watch their little guy grow up and their family expand as they welcomed two more boys into their family over the last 4 years. 

Last weekend we did our 5th family photo session and it was the best one yet. The boys were full of energy and lots of smile and laughter.  The sky was stunning, sunshine mixed with clouds. It was just so perfect.  

AAAAAALoebFinal22 (64 of 84).jpg

I'm so grateful for this family. Their faith in my talent helped me gain the confidence I needed to keep doing what I love.

I can't wait for our next session together!