engagement portraits

Engagement: Joey & Antoinette by Yvonne Valtierra

When this couple told me they wanted to take their photos in Mt. Baldy, I was so excited. I've lived near Mt. Baldy my entire life, but have only managed to drive up there a couple of times. After this session, that's going to change. It was so lovely there and I want to go back with my family to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness again.  

We drove up together and it was so refreshing to have some time just before the session to talk and get to know these two a little better. I spent way more time than I care to admit talking about my bathroom issues (porta-potties are the worst!)  SORRY YOU GUYS. In my defense, they were just so funny, open and easy to talk to!  

AAAAjoeyFinal2 (3 of 115).jpg

It's so refreshing when you work with people who are as nice (and funny!) as these two were. A few minutes into the session and it felt like I was just having fun with friends. 

Congratulations on your engagement, Joey and Antoinette!